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The digital transformation of enterprises has been duly noted over the past years and coordinated efforts (DigComp) to equip the workforce with digital skills to succeed in the new environment have been promoted by the EU. Such need became even more pressuring following the societal and industrial disruptions brought by COVID-19. One of the sectors that is currently lagging with regards to digital transformation across the entire EU (McKinsey, 2020) consists of the legal sector (attorneys, notaries, judges, etc). The lack of digital skills comes primarily from the inability of universities to equip the next generation of workforce in the legal system with the necessary digital competences. Additionally, EU universities delivering law programmes are also facing the general (process-gap) challenges brought by online teaching: frustrated academic staff, ineffective learning, limited engagement of students (lack of focus/attention/interest, limited connectionism and constructivism), lack of inclusiveness and personalised online teaching, and others (EACEA, 2020). This gap is due to missing competences, skills and abilities.

digiLEAP Deliverables

Crash-course on the digital transformation of the legal/law system (OER) based on DigComp principles and LegalTech innovations. Digital teaching toolkit for law lecturers (OER) based on DigCompEdu and a neuroscience/behavioural approach to help law lecturers develop impactful learning via Attention, Plasticity and learning creation, Emotion and Timing. DigComp and DigCompEdu certification methodology for students, practitioners and lecturers: DigComp Certificate in Practicing Digital Law (for students and law/legal practitioners); DigCompEdu Certificate in Teaching Digital Law via Online Education (for lecturers); DigCompEdu Certification in Online Learning in Law& Legal studies (for students)

digiLEAP's Main Impact:

Boost the digital readiness of university law departments and of the legal sector towards the digitally transformed environment (both online education and the professional environment) by making learning and digital skill development more effective.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme, Project No 2020-1-RO01-KA226-HE-095254

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